Specific Areas Of Focus When Patrolling At A Carnival


Working as a security guard for a company that contracts out its work to different organizations can see you patrolling in a number of different environments. When the carnival comes to town, your company may get the security contract, and this can mean that you'll soon find yourself walking around the crowded midway. Providing security in this environment can present different challenges than being on patrol in a mall or residential area, but your training and experience will have you adequately prepared to perform the duties of your role. Here are some specific areas on which to focus when you're on patrol at a carnival.

Watch For Deception

A lot of carnival attendees will have fun playing the various games of chance around the midway, but such games often have a reputation of being rigged so that people rarely win. This can make for some arguments between the carnival attendees and those working for the carnival. As you patrol the area, you should be cognizant of any crowds that are gathered and people who are yelling or arguing. These indicators can suggest that there's a fight about one of the games, and it could escalate if you don't get there quickly and work to diffuse it.

Monitor Drug And Alcohol Use

People often consume drugs and alcohol at carnivals, and while many carnivals sell alcohol, intoxicated people can be an issue. An important task, especially when you're patrolling into the night, is to watch for people who are using drugs or appear to be heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Such individuals can be a danger to not only others but also to themselves. In such scenarios, you'll need to detain these individuals to ascertain whether you believe them to be intoxicated and then escort them off the property.

Assess Employees' Behavior

Those who work at carnivals often have a reputation as being criminals. While such a reputation may be unfair, numerous reports have highlighted that those who work in this industry may have criminal backgrounds. While you shouldn't automatically be suspicious of these workers, you should be wary of them. For example, a carnival worker may attempt to sell drugs to teenagers, or someone may even attempt a sexual assault of a carnival attendee. Keeping an eye out on how the employees are behaving can go a long way toward making this environment safe for those in attendance.

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10 September 2018

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