Steps For A Mall Security Guard To Take During An Active Shooting


A shooting incident at a mall is everyone's worst nightmare, but while shoppers are busy fleeing or hiding, the mall security personnel will have to stay calm and do their job. Armed mall security officers may choose to engage the suspect, but if you work in mall security and do not carry a weapon, there are many important ways for you to stay busy and make a difference until the authorities arrive. While your security service may have a specific set of steps for active shootings, here are some duties that you can perform to make a difference.

Escorting Shoppers

There's perhaps no bigger job during a mall shooting than making sure the shoppers are safe. As soon as the shooting occurs, begin to approach shoppers and guide them to safety. Depending on the circumstances of the shooting, this could mean taking them outside and away from the mall property. If the mall exits appear to be compromised, identify secure areas to which you can guide shoppers. For example, you may wish to lead a small group of shoppers into a storage room and have them block the door with boxes or shelves and stay in this position until you or another security guard can return to free them after the area is contained.

Monitoring The Cameras' Feed

If you're in the security office at the time of the active shooting, you can help by calling the police and staying on the line. You can provide as many details as possible about the shooting to the dispatcher, who will seek to gain information as police officers travel to the scene. For example, you can talk about how many active shooters you've noticed, what kinds of weapons they have, what they're wearing, and where they're located. You'll also be asked to relay details about the number of casualties and their location within the mall so that medical responders can render aid accordingly.

Administering First Aid

As a security guard, you're trained in first aid, so you can keep busy during the active shooting by identifying people in need of care and doing what you can for them. This could include using someone's belt as a tourniquet to control the bleeding of a wound, for example. While medical responders will be able to tend to those who have been injured in a short amount of time, your ability to provide the first point of care may be the difference between someone living and dying.

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28 March 2017

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