Reducing False Alarm Dispatches: Tips For Validating Your Building Security Alarms


You should never underestimate the importance of security for your business. In fact, one of the best things you can do is install a full-building security system. If you're installing an alarm system, though, you'll want to take some steps to prevent false alarms. This is more important than you might think, because many cities charge businesses when they have to respond to false alarms. Luckily, you can reduce the risk of false alarms by hiring an onsite security staff and implementing a few extra safety measures. Here are some tips to help avoid accidental alarm activations.

Add Video-Verified Alarms

When you install an alarm system that has a video verification feature, it allows your alarm monitoring company the opportunity to see the interior of your business and make a decision about whether or not law enforcement is necessary. This can save you from an unnecessary alarm response due to a faulty panel or an employee forgetting to disarm the system.

You'll have to install video cameras in key locations inside your business for this to work. Consider covering the important spaces such as your entry way, common areas and anywhere that gives you a broad view of the space. The more cameras you can integrate, the less likely it is that the monitoring company will miss something.

Once the cameras are in place, the monitoring service can view the current activity in the business when an alarm activates, only dispatching emergency services when they are absolutely necessary. If you don't want the alarm service to have full-time access to your video feed, you can even install a system that only activates the video when the alarm activates. You can even have the system configured to send a video link directly to your smartphone.

  • Why Should You Have it Alert Your Phone? – There is an important reason to have the video feed sent to your phone when the alarm is activated. As the business owner, you should know everyone who is authorized to access your property. You'll also know exactly what to expect when everything is undisturbed. Sometimes, the alarm monitoring company can miss small, subtle changes that might alert you that something isn't quite right.

Include Audio Communication

Along with the one-way video feed, you'll also find that including audio communication in your alarm system can be a great way to validate an alarm activation. A two-way audio feed allows the alarm monitoring company to contact your on-site security team for information about what has tripped the alarm.

Additionally, some audio feeds allow the alarm company to open up the speaker system when an alarm goes off, enabling them to listen to the audio feed coming from your office. The feed is a great way to monitor what's going on, particularly if there is conversation between intruders or other sounds that clearly indicate that someone unauthorized is in the building.

Security systems and onsite security guards are important for protecting your employees and your building. The more control you have over the security system and the emergency service response to it, the less risk you'll have of accidental activations that can cost your company money. When you incorporate these verification tools with your alarm system, you'll have the ability to monitor every alarm activation. With systems like this, you'll also have valuable evidence in the event of a burglary or other unauthorized intrusion. Additionally, it enhances your local emergency service's confidence in the alarms from your business. When every alarm received from your business is legitimate, your local law enforcement department will take activations more seriously. This ensures that you get the response your business needs without unnecessary expenses for malfunctions or mistakes.

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2 October 2015

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